CottonSeed Feeder

5-E has designed & patented the first CottonSeed Feeder. It has the capacity to easily hold 800 lbs. of cottonseed. Our feeder has an easy-to-open lid that locks open. There is a clean out door on the front side to make seed removal simple and quick.

Cottonseed is a solid choice as a supplement for whitetail because it’s high in protein and fat and does not easily degrade under moist conditions. You can place cottonseed out on the ground or in a feeder for easy access.

These feeders are all extremely durable and made to last, which will give you the assurance your deer are taken care of.

E-Z Hanger

E-Z Hanger

The E-Z Hanger was designed for ease of access. From taking it down to the ranch to setting it up in the back yard.

The E-Z Hanger is a great solution for cleaning your game. No more throwing a rope over the tree limb!

The E-Z Hanger comes in 2 Hanger and 4 Hanger styles, with electric or hand-crank winches.

Trophy Buck Corn

Trophy Buck Corn is a triple cleaned, aflatoxin free, deer corn. For prices and availability call for a quote.

Prices vary due to current market price. Delivery available upon request and pick up is available.

One load of deer corn is 24 pallets, 40 bags per pallet, at 50 pounds per bag. Smaller loads may be ordered upon request.

Bundled & Sacked Oak Wood – Palletized

Bundled, Sacked Palletized Oak Wood

Bundled, Sacked Oak Wood5-E has bundled & sacked oak wood.

The wood is either wrapped in .50 cubic bundles or .50 cubic sacked in a poly bag with handle for easy handling.

Both are stacked 50 per pallet with the outside wrapped.

For prices and availability call for a quote.